13 February 2012

Earl says: Have a dino-rific day!

So this is something that I was writing last night. Just fucking around. Wanted to share my thoughts.

This is a paper about myself. I don’t know why. Because I feel like it? It’s 2:30 in the morning and I’m awake drinking tea, fucking around on the computer and wondering if I should get a haircut soon. Cause I have to have it cut a certain way, and I’ve only had one hair lady doing that (Leah) (who is awesome btw) (yes I did just use btw, gtfo) Also btw is recognized by word. Did you notice that one? Anyway(s) I am worried that if I try to get someone else to cut it I won’t like it. So I think, in the end, I will wait another MONTH (just realized it’s only a month!) to get a haircut. Becaaaaaaaaause it can’t get that long, right? I’m interested to see what I’ll look like to be honest. Also have you ever thought about the fact that Tiger Woods’ first name IS “Tiger”? I mean, seriously, you don’t name a kid “Elephant” or “Platypus” or “The Blue-footed Booby” (which, btw, I’m pretty sure they named it that so they could said “booby” in a scientific setting and watch people try to suppress their laughter. You know you giggle at that shit.).

Anyway(s) I’m currently trying to make myself feel better about not working out this last week and I don’t know what to do. I guess, oh, I don’t know, working out might, well, work out? Yet here I am typing THIS instead. Whatever. At least I’m doing something? I was just burning a CD of AWESOME MUSIC but now it has turned to this. I don’t even know if I sleep tonight. I have to be up early anyway. Maybe I’ll get like 4 hours of sleep. I’m gonna get my name changed tomorrow and I want to be up early to do it. That way I can be first in the invisible line of people I will create to feel good about being the first in line.

OOOOOOH but NOW I’m feeling tired. Sleep mode may occur tonight.

I guess I could keep talking about myself. Today I did SIX pushups. Like ACTUAL PUSHUPS. So that’s better than nothing. But still. I need to get back into it. Why does this happen? I think that once a few days go by it gets easier to put it off cause it’s like “Well, I didn’t do it yesterday. So another day won’t hurt” but that’s bullshit sooooo I’m gonna get over that. Tomorrow. I told you it was 3 in the morning right? I’m considering dropping my karate class because everyone in there thinks I’m a “girl” and when I start T I don’t really know if I want to explain to the whole class. I guess I don’t have to…but there are only about 11 people in that class. But I don’t want to be a sissy about it. But whatever I’m comfortable with right? That’s what matters?

I want to mention that I have a drawing of a dinosaur on the back of my door that is named Earl and he is telling me/whoever sees it to have a dino-rific day.

I also look up at the stars every night. The glow in the dark stars on my ceiling that is. See also: awesome. It’s pretty fucking sweet. I want to put them all over my room, even the floor. It looks so sick. See also: enchanting. Have you ever actually seen butter fly? I sure as hell haven’t. Who the fuck decided to name it a butterfly? But I guess if we’re going to get into that we need to bring up “Platypus” and “The Blue-footed Booby” again.

ANYWAY(S) on a COMPLETELY different note, Washington State has officially legalized gay marriage! I feel as if this happened out of nowhere. It was kind of like “Oh heyz thurrz a bill n the govnment about gays getting’ hitched and it’s comin’ along JUST FUCKING FINE.” See also: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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